ScriptingWife attends Don Jones pre-con session at PowerShell Deep Dive

I certainly hope everyone is having an awesome day such as the day I am enjoying.  As a matter of fact, I hope everyone is having the same enjoyable time as I am having this whole weekend and into next week.

I am attending the PowerShell Deep Dive conference in Las Vegas with the Scripting Guy, now he is an awesome husband and I enjoy spending time with him, but this conference in Vegas has the added bonus of meeting new people and visiting with existing friends from the PowerShell community. I am a little bit biased on one individual and I will single him out to start with and then continue with the other awesome people I have met the last 2 days. My bias leans me toward Don Jones. Sometimes in your life you meet people and you immediatly “click”. Don is one of those people, A gentleman to the center of his being, Don just “clicked” for me and I will be one of his biggest fans for life. This is the second time I have had the pleasure of speaking with Don and I have to tell you it is such a joy to have a conversation with him. Then to add icing to the cake Don invited me to sit in on his pre-con session this morning. It was a session not for beginners nor was it a high level advanced session. It was designed for the middle ground to get a person up to speed for the more advanced sessions on Monday and Tuesday.

I proudly went to the session and sat on the back row out of the way of the people who were there to learn. Though most of the material was way over my head, Don’s teaching skills made it seem a whole lot more understandable than you would think. He was engaging and spoke in a manner that you understood what he said and why you should follow the steps he explained. One of the biggest takeaways for me is there are multiple ways of accomplishing the same goal and most of the time each way is not right or wrong but personal preference.

I can relate this to something Ed and I have been discussing the last week or so. In a true life incident at my previous job we received our first Windows based PC’s and software. One person in the office was struggling to comprehend the steps to perform his tasks. Harry would first ask Jo to help him, then he would ask Lynn to help and the rest of the time he would ask me.  After a few days we were all getting a little aggravated over the interruptions and I finally had a bright idea, because I thought I knew what was happening. I personally am not a strong keyboard user, I typically use the mouse to right click and copy and paste, Jo on the other hand was a strong keyboard user so she would use ctrl +C to copy and ctrl +V to paste and Lynn would mouse up to the top of the page and use the drop down box to copy and paste. All 3 ways are correct and none is more right or wrong than the other. The result is I would should Harry one way to copy and paste, Jo would show him a second way and Lynn would show him the third way. Harry was not retaining what he had been shown because each time it was a different way. Repetition is one of the best learning tools in existance. That final day I put Harry on notice, I talked with the other 2 ladies and we agreed on how to help Harry help himself. We told him to choose one of the three of us, we did not care which one but just choose one person. Then when he needed help he was to only ask that one person for help. That way after a few times of being shown the same way to perform his tasks he would begin to catch on. You know what, it worked!! Harry was able to catch on to the concept and eventually was able to learn all three ways to do the same task.

That same concept is true in beginning PowerShell, intermediate PowerShell and Advanced PowerShell.

Thank you Don for the invitation to your pre-con session this morning. For those of you (and I doubt there are many of you who won’t) don’t know Don here is a link to his webpage and a reminder if you are a beginner that he has a new book that will be launched at TechEd in May.


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