Scripting Wife and the 2011 Scripting Games

Wow what a week. First the kickoff of the 2011 Scripting Games then 25 hours of no power. Now life is back to normal. Had a full night’s sleep in my own bed with no lightening and thunder to upset my slumber. Today is a fresh beginning, I need to catch up with my entries for the 2011 Scripting Games. I probably will not do all the entries today since I have all weekend to get back up to speed. That is one of the nice things about this years games is the chance to enter your scripts privately and the 7 days in which to do so before anyone except the judges see them. Most people have jobs and some cannot write their scripts daily and will enter this weekend. The judges also have jobs and are volunteers so they too will have extra time to judge the scripts. I noticed on twitter a few comments about the stars and points,  basically a point is a star. I am not even looking at my scores because I am just doing this for fun, I am not eligible for  or interested in the prizes for myself. Although there are some really nice prizes. Besides that I still am not concerned about my score/stars since I know there is still plenty of time for them to be judged. I also know Ed was out of electricity the same as I was and has not judged many if any in the last 2 days. You see while the electricity was only off 25 hours it essentially messed up two full working days. Not only that, but we went to the Carolina Girl Geeks user group meeting last night in Charlotte, and did not get home from that until rather late. Everything happens at once, but that is what makes it so fun. Now back to the daily routine, script a little, cook a little, clean a little and read a lot 🙂 Have a scriptastic day!


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