PowerShell Resources all in one spot

I have been working on this post (list) off and on since August 2011. Today a saw a Tweet asking for suggestions for PowerShell blogs and it motivated me to finish this list.  I will add to it as I find more resources. I am sincerely hoping I do not leave out anyone that I already know about but fear I will leave off someone obvious. If I do my most humble apologies. Please feel free to let me know of any links I have omitted.

I will do the easy one first:




Mind of Root  (no longer recording new shows at this time but a lot of previously recorded goodness here)

Authors/Books ( I started to list books but that is way too much info for some of these authors so I am just going to give you a link to all the PowerShell authors that I know with multiple books. Next I list individual books.)

Don Jones (also lists books by his business partner Greg Shields)

Jeff Hicks

Ed Wilson

Lee Holmes

Bruce Payette

Richard Siddaway

William Stanek

Windows PowerShell 2.0 Bible

Automating Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 with Windows PowerShell 2.0

Microsoft Exchange 2010 PowerShell Cookbook

PowerShell for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administrators

Managing VMware Infrastructure with Windows PowerShell TFM

NEW! Doug Finke and Windows PowerShell for Developers

NEW! Jason Helmick Learn Windows IIS in a Month of Lunches


www.scriptingguys.com this is the landing page for the Scripting Guys, blog, forum, script center and repository

http://itpro.concentratedtech.com/ Don Jones

http://blog.usepowershell.com/author/sjm199/ Steven Murawski

http://jdhitsolutions.com/ Jeff Hicks

http://www.energizedtech.com/Sean Kearney

www.get-spscripts.com Phil  Childs

www.myexchangeworld.com Thiyagu

http://sharepointryan.com/ Ryan Dennis

www.maxtblog.comMax Trinidad

http://ehloworld.net/Robert Durkin

http://www.hofferle.com/Jason Hofferle

http://PowerShay.comShay Levy

http://learn-powershell.blogspot.com/Dave Akroyd

http://www.vtesseract.com/Josh Atwell

http://www.nigelboulton.co.uk/Nigel Boulton

http://sqlvariant.com/wordpress/Aaron Nelson

http://www.sqlservercentral.com/blogs/chadmiller/default.aspxChad Miller

http://unlockpowershell.wordpress.com/Karl Mitsche

http://www.leeholmes.com/blog/ Lee Holmes

http://joelbennett.net/ Joel Bennett

http://dougfinke.com/blog/ Doug Finke

http://richardspowershellblog.wordpress.com/2012/01/ Richard Siddaway

http://www.powershellmagazine.com/ PowerShell Magazine

http://get-admin.com/blog/ Glenn Sizemore

http://www.beefycode.com/ Jim Christopher

http://poshoholic.com/ Kirk Munro

http://fatbeards.blogspot.com/ Wes Stahler

http://blogs.technet.com/b/ashleymcglone/ Ashley McGlone

http://www.briantjackett.com/ Brian Jackett

http://trevorsullivan.net/ Trevor Sullivan

http://blog.start-automating.com/ James Brundage

http://jrich523.wordpress.com/ Justin Rich

http://blog.richprescott.com/ Rich Prescott

http://halr9000.com/ Hal Rottenberg

http://blog.powershell.no/ Jan Egil Ring

The PowerShell Survival Guide

http://sqlpsx.codeplex.com/ SQL Server PowerShell Extensions (SQLPSX)

http://shellyourexperience.wordpress.com/ Laerte Junior

http://www.lucd.info/ Luc Dekens

http://www.virtu-al.net/ Alan Renouf

http://www.jonathanmedd.net/ Jonathan Medd

http://powershell.com/cs/blogs/aleksandar/default.aspx Aleksandar Nikolic

http://www.powershell.nu/ Niklas Goude

http://marcoshaw.blogspot.com/ Marco Shaw

http://thepowershellguy.com/blogs/posh/ Marc van Orsouw

http://powershell.com/cs/blogs/tobias/default.aspx Dr Tobias Weltner

http://dmitrysotnikov.wordpress.com/ Dmitry Sotnikov

http://www.nivot.org/nivot2/ Oisin Grehan

http://rkeithhill.wordpress.com/ Keith Hill

http://mycentraladmin.wordpress.com/category/powershell/ John Ferringer

http://powertoe.wordpress.com/ Tome Tanasovski

http://www.csharpening.net/blog/ Adam Driscoll

http://learn-powershell.net/ Boe Prox

http://www.jasonhelmick.com/ Jason Helmick

http://www.mikepfeiffer.net/ Mike Pfeiffer

http://jamesone111.wordpress.com/ James O’Neill


Script Center


Ok My brain is fried. If I have omitted anyone please accept my apologies and send me a tweet or email or comment here and I will be happy to add to this list.

Twitter @ScriptingWife

Have a wonderful day/night.



International PowerShell User Group Day March 19, 2012


In just 2 short months it will be time for the first ever International PowerShell User Group Day.  www.IPUGD.org.  I am SOOOOO excited. The main base of operation will be in Arizona with the group from the Arizona PowerShell User Group (AZPOSH) and the host will be the  Microsoft MVP Don Jones. It will be a time you won’t want to miss. Meanwhile in Charlotte NC the Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson will be addressing the audience via a webcam and live meeting. Plus you know if Ed is there I will be also. Smile

We hope most of the PowerShell User Groups will be able to schedule their monthly meeting to coincide with this event. If you do not live near a User Group or your group cannot change the date of their regular meeting then be sure to join us online. Details will be coming soon at www.IPUGD.org.

Life as the “Scripting Wife”

As you all know by now, we just returned from the PowerShell Deep Dive in Las Vegas. We met many wonderful people and had a chance to catch up with others that we had met previously. All in all it was an indescribable conference. We took several pictures that I hope Ed will download from the camera for me soon. He is quite busy grading scripts for the 2011 Scripting Games so I am patiently, well maybe not patiently, but I am waiting for him to have time to do so. Once he has them downloaded I will publish them and write some comments about the people in the pictures.

One thing I was asked several times is “How do I get my wife involved in scripting”. I have been thinking about the best way to answer this question. First I believe you need to know a little background in order to have the entire “Scripting Wife” picture.  Ed and I are an unusual couple on many levels. We both have extreme opposite feelings on some big issues while at the same time we agree 100 per cent on others. The biggest opposing things are he will eat any variety of food as long as it is well prepared and I am one of the most finicky eaters you will ever encounter. Ed loves the water and I am petrified of it, no scuba for me.

The 100 per cent agreement items that are vital for a marriage to work are that we do not have children and do not see any in our future and we are both workaholics.  Before I retired and even before I semi retired I worked as much overtime as was needed to get the job done. It did not matter if it was a holiday or 9 PM at night the job came first. Ed is the same way. Our only rule was if you are working late then let the other person know you were going to be late so they did not worry that you had been in an accident.

Today since I am retired and Ed works from home I get bored and I wind up sitting in his office and getting involved. Once I was involved it has become a one way road for me. I love the interaction with the community and other scripters. I have always been Ed’s proofreader as he was authoring books and now I do a quick reading of his blog before he sends it to his editor for publication. I honestly cannot tell you a thing I have learned from proofreading for him. I do not learn by reading I learn by doing and by classroom instruction. A few months ago Ed had to have hand surgery and for a few days he was in a great deal of pain plus he could not use his hand to type. I wound up typing the answers to emails for him as he told me what to say. Once again I am tugged into the picture and felt like I was meeting new friends along the way. I am better with names, dates and organization than Ed  but he is way beyond me in the scripting category. I can remind him that Chris O’Prey is the Microsoft employee that is also a moderator for the Scripting Guys forum and Ed instantly can tell you what Chris does for Microsoft and his specialties. But if you just say Chris O’Prey to Ed he will say I recognize the name but I can’t place him. Some days you can say Teresa Wilson to Ed and he will say “HMMMM the name sounds familiar. ” 🙂

Now you maybe can see where we are headed, just being around the house with Ed, not having a job to go to each day, a love for being around intelligent people and eventually you wind up as the “Scripting Wife”. The other item that I think contributes is with no kids to occupy my time I do in fact have more free time than a mother does.  When Ed was working on the 2010 Scripting Games scenarios and he would talk about them out loud I told him I thought they were too hard for a beginner and he needed to back up a little. Finally I told him to teach me the basic concepts that he wrote about in the 201o Scripting Games Study Guide and that is how it started. I more or less forced him to step back and not assume the beginner knew anything and walk them through the tasks.

After the 2010 Scripting Games were over I realized that it was a great learning experience for everyone and I promptly forced myself to forget anything Ed had taught me. Then when the 2011 Scripting Games came around I was a fresh new beginner again.  I have already pretty much forgotten what Ed has taught me this year so that I can be fresh for new lessons later on and for the 2012 Scripting Games. I do remember the three things I picked up from Don Jones because they were more common sense items and the first one about there are many paths to reach a goal was already in my mind. The other two items are still there as well becuase I think of Write-Host as sending something to a printer and once it has printed you cannot manipulate it anymore. And the line continuation tip makes perfect since because I am a mathematics person I know if you have an open “{” then you have to have a closed “}”.

On a personal note about being the “Scripting Wife” I feel it is important to show an interest in what Ed does whether it is his work or his hobby but that does not mean I have to be with him at his level for either scenario. If he is working 12 hours a day life is so much more pleasant to look at it as a good thing that he enjoys his job and to not berate him for working the hours he does, and if I can create a spreadsheet for him, or proofread or even be his model student at learning something new then that is what I want to do. Life is too short to be miserable in your job or to be miserable because you or your spouse is working.

In the end, I do not know how to “get your wife involved in scripting” but maybe if you explained how much time you will save once you have learned PowerShell to automate work tasks that might spike her interest. Also you all know what your wife’s work is or what her interests are and how PowerShell could be applied to her benefit. Then either proceed to teach her how to write the script or even just write the script for her.

Hope this helps and you all have a Scriptastic Day.

The other PowerShell lessons I learned from Don Jones at the Deep Dive

Hello everyone,

Ed and I arrived in SC Wed night late and I have been catching up on housework, errands and email. Finally I am at the keyboard to share with you the other 2 lessons I learned at the PowerShell Deep Dive Pre con session with Don Jones.

The first one is do not use Write-Host in a script you wish to keep. Now for you beginner scripters like me you may not know why. Write-host places the output on your screen and that is it. Once you have sent the output to the script, you cannot use it for anything else. It is like sending something to the printer. Once I have sent something to the printer, I cannot rearrange the stuff on the page. That is the same thing with writing to the screen. Once you have used Write-Host you are done.

Ok, so what are the options for dealing with output? Well for one thing, you can simply place your output in a string. When you do that, you still have a string object, and you can later send that to a format-list or a format-table. The best thing is to return an object. To create an output object, use the New-Object PsObject command, and add your information as properties to that object. It is a little confusing, and I am certianly am not going to attempt it here without someone like the Scripting Guy or Don Jones looking over my shoulder to make sure I get it right. But check the Hey Scripting Guy blog for details. Interestingly enough, this seems to be a major theme with the judges during this years 2011 Scripting Games. I have seen this comment over and over again from the judges — and not just only on my 10 entries either.

The last thing I learned is the fact that you do not always have to use the line continuation character if you code is too long for one physical line. If you code the lines correctly then there is no need to manually insert the line continuation. For example if you open a curly bracket, “{” then PowerShell knows you have to have a closing curly bracket “}” to complete the command.  I am not going into great detail on this because teaching is not my role in life. My role is to share information and resources, be supportative and encouraging to other beginner scripters and  to help Ed stay organized.  With that said you can find Don on this webpage.

Again thank you Don for a wonderful pre-con and some marvelous conversations. Looking forward to seeing you at TechEd in Atlanta in less than a month. Maybe I can get Don’s autograph on my copy of his new book…..I hope so.

Hope to see lots of you at TechEd and good luck to all in the 2011 Scripting Games as Ed and the other judges wrap up the judging this weekend.

ScriptingWife attends Don Jones pre-con session at PowerShell Deep Dive

I certainly hope everyone is having an awesome day such as the day I am enjoying.  As a matter of fact, I hope everyone is having the same enjoyable time as I am having this whole weekend and into next week.

I am attending the PowerShell Deep Dive conference in Las Vegas with the Scripting Guy, now he is an awesome husband and I enjoy spending time with him, but this conference in Vegas has the added bonus of meeting new people and visiting with existing friends from the PowerShell community. I am a little bit biased on one individual and I will single him out to start with and then continue with the other awesome people I have met the last 2 days. My bias leans me toward Don Jones. Sometimes in your life you meet people and you immediatly “click”. Don is one of those people, A gentleman to the center of his being, Don just “clicked” for me and I will be one of his biggest fans for life. This is the second time I have had the pleasure of speaking with Don and I have to tell you it is such a joy to have a conversation with him. Then to add icing to the cake Don invited me to sit in on his pre-con session this morning. It was a session not for beginners nor was it a high level advanced session. It was designed for the middle ground to get a person up to speed for the more advanced sessions on Monday and Tuesday.

I proudly went to the session and sat on the back row out of the way of the people who were there to learn. Though most of the material was way over my head, Don’s teaching skills made it seem a whole lot more understandable than you would think. He was engaging and spoke in a manner that you understood what he said and why you should follow the steps he explained. One of the biggest takeaways for me is there are multiple ways of accomplishing the same goal and most of the time each way is not right or wrong but personal preference.

I can relate this to something Ed and I have been discussing the last week or so. In a true life incident at my previous job we received our first Windows based PC’s and software. One person in the office was struggling to comprehend the steps to perform his tasks. Harry would first ask Jo to help him, then he would ask Lynn to help and the rest of the time he would ask me.  After a few days we were all getting a little aggravated over the interruptions and I finally had a bright idea, because I thought I knew what was happening. I personally am not a strong keyboard user, I typically use the mouse to right click and copy and paste, Jo on the other hand was a strong keyboard user so she would use ctrl +C to copy and ctrl +V to paste and Lynn would mouse up to the top of the page and use the drop down box to copy and paste. All 3 ways are correct and none is more right or wrong than the other. The result is I would should Harry one way to copy and paste, Jo would show him a second way and Lynn would show him the third way. Harry was not retaining what he had been shown because each time it was a different way. Repetition is one of the best learning tools in existance. That final day I put Harry on notice, I talked with the other 2 ladies and we agreed on how to help Harry help himself. We told him to choose one of the three of us, we did not care which one but just choose one person. Then when he needed help he was to only ask that one person for help. That way after a few times of being shown the same way to perform his tasks he would begin to catch on. You know what, it worked!! Harry was able to catch on to the concept and eventually was able to learn all three ways to do the same task.

That same concept is true in beginning PowerShell, intermediate PowerShell and Advanced PowerShell.

Thank you Don for the invitation to your pre-con session this morning. For those of you (and I doubt there are many of you who won’t) don’t know Don here is a link to his webpage and a reminder if you are a beginner that he has a new book that will be launched at TechEd in May.

My thoughts on 2011 Scripting Games Beginner Event 1

I caught Ed not paying attention to me, he was busy catching up on judging scripts, and I hijacked his keyboard on his other computer. See what I posted here.

Hope you like it.

Scripting Wife and the 2011 Scripting Games

Wow what a week. First the kickoff of the 2011 Scripting Games then 25 hours of no power. Now life is back to normal. Had a full night’s sleep in my own bed with no lightening and thunder to upset my slumber. Today is a fresh beginning, I need to catch up with my entries for the 2011 Scripting Games. I probably will not do all the entries today since I have all weekend to get back up to speed. That is one of the nice things about this years games is the chance to enter your scripts privately and the 7 days in which to do so before anyone except the judges see them. Most people have jobs and some cannot write their scripts daily and will enter this weekend. The judges also have jobs and are volunteers so they too will have extra time to judge the scripts. I noticed on twitter a few comments about the stars and points,  basically a point is a star. I am not even looking at my scores because I am just doing this for fun, I am not eligible for  or interested in the prizes for myself. Although there are some really nice prizes. Besides that I still am not concerned about my score/stars since I know there is still plenty of time for them to be judged. I also know Ed was out of electricity the same as I was and has not judged many if any in the last 2 days. You see while the electricity was only off 25 hours it essentially messed up two full working days. Not only that, but we went to the Carolina Girl Geeks user group meeting last night in Charlotte, and did not get home from that until rather late. Everything happens at once, but that is what makes it so fun. Now back to the daily routine, script a little, cook a little, clean a little and read a lot 🙂 Have a scriptastic day!